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⭑ Founder of the International Coaching Club
⭑ Producer of world coaches and experts in Russia
⭑ Professional coach, author of courses since 2009
Alexey Nikolaenko
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The Founder of the ICC

Alexey Nikolaenko

Professional coach since 2009, business coach and course developer, producer, marketing, personal and organizational development consultant.
  • Founder of the "Moscow Coaching Club", as well as the Coaching Clubs in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk.

  • Major partner Timothy Gallwey (USA), founder of coaching in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries (2018-2021), founder of the Russian branch of the Timothy Gallwey Institute of Inner Game (2018). Host of the first workshop in Russia (2019) and workshops on the Inner Game (2019-2020).

  • Among the clients: Sberbank, Ingosstrakh, MTS, Beeline, Post Bank, Leroy Merlin, Rosatom, Metro, Rostelecom, Akadempark Novosibirsk, etc.
As well as

Organizer of the "English Coaching Club", leading within the club of intervision and peer coaching in English for coaches from all over the world (2020-2021)

Author and producer of the first online conferences in Russia “Coaching with the Stars” dedicated to professional coaching (2015-2017), in Russian and English.

As part of the author's research "Practices of coaches and coaching in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries" conducts surveys of coaches working both in the open market and within companies.

To expand the horizons of the coaching community, he conducts interviews in Russian and English with the best Russian and international coaches, dedicated to current trends and directions of development of coaching technologies.
Alexey is the producer of visits to Russia and Ukraine and online presentations of the world's leading experts in the field of coaching and related psychotechnologies:

Timothy Gallwey (USA), his visits to Moscow (2018) and Kiev (2019), Bert Hellinger (Germany) author of Systemic Constellations, visit to Kazan (2018), Don Beck (UK) one of the authors and developers of Spiral Dynamics , visit to Moscow (2016), David Clutterbuck (UK) world specialist in Team Coaching, visit to Moscow (2017), Frank Pucelik (USA) - one of the founders of NLP, Rajat Garg (India) former director of ICF Global Board, Marsha Reynolds (USA) Former President of ICF Global, Leda Thuray Petrauskienė (Lithuania) Former President of ICF Global, Philippe Rosinski (Belgium) Intercultural Coaching Pioneer, Gorka Bartolome Anguita (Spain) Director of the Organizational Coaching Master's Degree at the University of Lleida, Mark Steinberg (Greece) Coaching Author Creative Consciousness, Caitlin Walker (UK), a specialist in the field of Pure Language and Systems Modeling, Peter Vritz (UK) - founder of the Nirarth Center for Living Awareness and others.